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3 reasons why predictive email is the way to go in ecommerce

Sep 28th, 2016

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Take a look at the email above. If you’re the marketer designing it, at first, you will think the template is incomplete. Until you ask for help and learn that the predictive engine will take of every single product recommendations. If you’re a customer receiving this email next to your friend, who's also subscribe to the newsletter, you won’t notice the empty squares. Rather you will both see different products based on your unique profile. In other words, the marketer worked on one template to send different emails to thousands. Predictive emails enable online stores to send personalized product recommendations to individual users at the right time. It does this by looking for trends in data and customer purchase habits from the online store. From that, the predictive engine can recommend the next products each customer will be most likely to buy, when they will buy them and when they’re likely to stop buying. By using the store’s customer transaction data, we can detect trends and data patterns that we use to enable the store owner to email the customer with more relevant information. In this article, we will give you 3 reasons why you should use predictive email in your marketing campaigns.

1. Improve brand’s perception

Predictive emails improve your brand's perception because customers learn to associate quality emails to your brand. As you know by now, the average email users received 84 emails per day in 2015. There is so much noise in the inbox that clearing the inbox is now a chore, an unpleasant but necessary task. Unlike spams and other untargeted emails, your email will stand out because it’s worth paying attention too. It doesn’t mean the customer will always buy, but they will pay more attention to it. And that process train to brain to put your emails in a different category, which enhance your brand’s presence in the customer’s mind.

2. Better understand your customers

By knowing which products customers love the most, you can tremendously grow your business with better offers and more targeted campaigns. You will not only have insights on your customer lifetime value, but you will also be able to better classify your customers based on their purchase frequency and timing of purchase. Imagine how you can optimize your website and ad campaigns to increase your sales knowing exactly when customers are most likely to buy or which products they simply can’t live without. Beyond knowing your best customers, you can predict your recurring revenue with more accuracy.

3. Make more money

A stronger brand perception leads to an above average open rate. Think about it, the more customers are used paying attention, the more they’ll engage with the content. The relevance in the email dramatically increases customers engagement which leads to a better click-through rate percentage (10–15%) and more revenues. In short, send smart emails and increase your revenue.

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