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How We Get 12% Opt-In Rates For Our Clients Using A Custom Popup

Imagine a popup that is 3.5x more effective at turning site traffic into subscribers than Klaviyo’s built-in popup. … we didn’t think that was possible either. After all, aren’t all popups the same? After 6 months of testing and working directly with a dozen Shopify Plus merchants our team of growth experts has uncovered a handful of techniques to dramatically improve your opt-in rates.

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3 limitations of Shopify Scripts (and how you can work around them)

If you have worked with Shopify Scripts for any bit of time you likely are aware of the fact you can only have one shopify script running at a time. This can be extremely annoying if you operate a supplement brand on Shopify Plus where you sell hundreds of products across several vendors.

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What is the Shopify Scripts Editor?

If you have ever thought about running Shopify scripts on your store but don't know where to start or what they are, check out this intro article to Shopify Scripts written by our Shopify Script experts.

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Must use Shopify apps for growing your store in 2020

This blog covers the top ten Shopify apps you need to help you grow your business in an easier way in 2020. We take an in depth look through the apps and give you an overview of the key features.

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3 Simple Tips To Increase Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention

It's wonderful to have customers who love your brand. These brand advocates are more likely to be enormously loyal long-time customers. They'll even tell all their friends about you and they'll defend your company to the death. Getting more of your dream customers sounds great, but how do you make it happen?

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How to Use Facebook's New Dynamic Ads for Prospecting & Decrease Cost Per Acquisition

Note: This is a guest blog post by our partners at MuteSix, a Facebook advertising agency specializing in customer acquisition for ecommerce companies. Facebook recently...

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