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7 Shopify Shipping Scripts To Maximize Conversions

Feb 16th, 2017

Shopify's Shipping Scripts is an amazing way to reward customers and offer more customized shipping options.

Before we begin, you must have the Shopify Script Editor app installed. It is where you will be copying and pasting the scripts below.

Note: Shopify Scripts is limited to Shopify Plus merchants only. Not yet a Plus merchant? Check out the benefits of Shopify Plus.

1. X% Off Shipping If Cart Value >$Y

2. Free Shipping

3. Free Shipping If Cart Value >$X

4. Free Shipping If Cart Value >$X (Excluding Certain States)

5. Free Shipping For Customers That Spent >$X On All Orders

6. Free Shipping For Customers With "VIP" Tag

7. Display Carrier Name Below Shipping Method

8. Exclude Carrier If Shipping To PO Box

Coming Soon...

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