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Email List Cleaning 101: Start the New Year With Better Email Hygiene

Just like your teeth... Your email list needs a good cleaning from time to time if you want to stay in good graces with the...

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Three Ingenious Ways to Segment Your Email List to Boost Sales & Margins On Black Friday

Interested in learning a Black Friday secret? One that'll position you to leapfrog the competition

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The Rise of Smart Emails

Email is well and alive. In fact, there are more registered email accounts today than ever before, which means more emails are being sent every...

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5 Email Marketing Best Practices for Shopify Merchants

Traffic leads to sales. Highly qualified traffic leads to even higher conversion rates. And there is no better way to drive qualified traffic to your...

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4 Data-Driven Strategies to Increase Your Email Conversions

Email is the lifeblood of any online business, including e-commerce. Most online stores don’t utilize its full potential, however, inundating customers with frequent...

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3 reasons why predictive email is the way to go in ecommerce

Take a look at the email above. If you’re the marketer designing it, at first, you will think the template is incomplete. Until you ask...

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