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Three Stealth Checkout Optimization Techniques for Cyber Monday

The largest single online sales day ever... That's the coveted record last year's Cyber Monday earned as consumers in the U.S. spent more than $3...

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17 Shopify Scripts To Maximize Conversions

There's a lot of talk about Shopify Scripts, and the lift they can impart to your sales, but along with that buzz comes a sizable...

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The Three Split Tests You're Not Running That May Be Costing You Sales

You’ve seemingly done it all, right? You’ve tweaked your CTA, changed the button color, varied the pricing, and tested different headlines just like you’ve read...

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Three Ingenious Ways to Use Influencer Marketing to Drive Holiday Sales

Interested in a 6X return on your money? Influencer marketing, according to research, can generate $6.85 for every $1 spent. In fact, if you combine...

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Three Simple Techniques You Can Use To Convert Price Sensitive Shoppers

Having trouble getting price sensitive shoppers to open their wallets? The kind who feel giving up a dollar is akin to giving up their first...

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How To Halloween-Proof Your Ecommerce Site & Stop Scaring Customers Away

Your customers may be afraid of you… Or at least your site. It’s Halloween, a time when many of us dress up as ghosts, ghouls,...

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