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How to Creatively Grow Your Brand With Instagram Live (Even Though Your Videos Will Disappear Instantly & Forever)

Poof... That beautifully choreographed live video is gone forever. It's instant, fleeting, and leaves no trace of itself when it's over. Those are the big...

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Four Ways to Avoid a Deadly Post-Holiday Sales Slump (Plus 3 Bonus Tools)

Got the digital equivalent of aspirin? It's something you might need now that the holiday boom is in the rear view mirror and merchants face...

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Happy New Year: Now Where's the Content Marketing Calendar You Desperately Need?

It's often a smarter, cheaper, and more effective way to talk to customers... But your content marketing isn't likely to earn you a return on...

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Three Loyalty Integrations for Shopify Plus Designed To Increase Engagement, Conversions, & Sales

Want a 9X return on your money? Too bad... Unfortunately, like many ecommerce sites yours is likely missing the one thing it needs to generate...

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How to Engineer the Perfect Holiday Unboxing Experience to Accelerate Repeat Purchases

Don't celebrate or begin gloating just yet... Your holiday sales may be through the roof but now the difficult work begins; expediting the time it...

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Four Easy Exit Pop-Up Ideas Designed to Boost Holiday Sales (Without Annoying the Heck Out of Customers)

Don't let 'em leave... It's a mindset merchants must have this holiday after investing in advertising and often slashing prices to bolster store traffic. Busy...

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