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Four Ways to Avoid a Deadly Post-Holiday Sales Slump (Plus 3 Bonus Tools)

Got the digital equivalent of aspirin? It's something you might need now that the holiday boom is in the rear view mirror and merchants face...

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Reduce Returns on Shopify Plus By Helping Customers Autocomplete Their Address

The simple mistake of putting a wrong zip code during checkout can result in your package in post office hell. What if there was a...

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Why You Should Stop Promoting Your Brand & Inspire Customers to Do It For You

What if you stopped promoting your brand altogether? I'm talking about outsourcing your branding duties to a bunch of strangers over whom you have no...

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How To Implement Multipass on Shopify Plus?

Over the past six months we have gotten the pleasure to work with several charities that were looking for a more stable ecommerce platform for their...

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How a Lifelong Inventor Overcame a Last Minute Launch Crisis & Impressed Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz With a Mug That Keeps Your Beverage the Perfect Temperature

It was a bite of cold eggs... That's what launched Clay Alexander, an inventor with more than eighty patents to his name, down a path...

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How to Monetize Instagram With Uniquely Genuine Retargeted Ads & Generate a 10X ROI

That ad looks hideous... That's exactly what Edwin Hermawan recalls thinking when he noticed a particular retargeted ad on Facebook. What was wrong with the...

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