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How To Shorten The Path to Purchase & Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs By Selling Natively On Facebook

Have you embedded commerce into your Facebook page? We're not talking about running a Facebook ad that leads to a landing or product page... Or...

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How To Use Heat Maps & Eye Tracking Software to Improve UX & Lift Conversion Rates

Everyone says to follow the money... But what you should be following are your customers' eyes. In fact, not doing so means your site design...

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How To Implement Location-Based IP Redirects On Your Shopify Plus Stores

Have multiple Shopify clone stores setup but not sure how to force customers to the proper instance? Once of our clients, BlackClaw, had this exact...

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How Developers Can Make Shopify Even Easier For Non-Developers To Manage Theme Customizations

At one point or another a Shopify brand owner goes through the Shopify Expert listings in search for a developer to build a theme customization for...

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Three Ways You Can Leverage Reviews to Improve Loyalty, Engagement, and Social Commerce

Reviews allow you to be silent but persuasive... Your customers are doing the talking and influencing others for you and free of charge. It's one...

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Three Powerful Referral Marketing Design Structures Guaranteed to Generate Buzz and Sales

Screw up and you'll almost certainly hear about it... But do something great and customers are less likely to tell the world how fantastic your...

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